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Ai System

Developed by Endotech


DAISY Tron: Cryptocurrency Smart Contract

April 21, 2021

DAISY is a Distributed Finance Application, which has an EquityCrowdfunding model within the Financial Technologies i.e., FinTech which is used further to benefit from the advanced DAISY AI Project. It is also a GlobalCommunity in which profit rewards and stock equity is provided to all kinds of members.


DAISY is a Smart Contract that empowers operations via the help of TRON Blockchain. TRON (TRX) is a Blockchain-based decentralized operating system, which was founded by Justin Sun in the year 2017, while successfully it even raised $70 Million over an Initial Coin Offering at the same time.


The chief technology partner for DAISY Crowdfunding Project is EndoTech, which was founded by Dr.Anna Becker, and a group of experienced AI Scientists for handling the inclusive operations. It is a Global FinTech company which is specialized in advanced AI Trading Technology while it is currently providing patented AI Trading Technology to Financial Institutions.

EndoTech has a high and proven track record of performance results while it also aims to become a publicly traded company by the coming year of 2022.


DAISY roadmap

Decentralized AI System (DAISY)

DAISY AI is one of the next generations of AI trading and will be the first project capitalized by the DAISY Crowdfunding Program, it is developed further by EndoTech. DAISY AI is also claiming that it will tend to increase the current AI performance by a huge factor of four (4x) and also promises to provide all the community members with rewards worth 85% of the trading profits.

Dr.Anna Becker’s deep-learning procedures have managed to get over $1B of investment and have also been deployed in working institutional duties for more than a decade now. Her experienced teams of AI scientists currently also have more than 20 proprietaries of AI systems in their operation and serving as their AI investing backbone of trading.

DAISY AI is currently aiming to be the new next-gen of AI trading by upscaling their current AI performances by a huge number of 4 times.

About 85% percent of their profits is currently being accrued from trading and will also be rewarded back to various DAISY Tron members.


The Referral Plan

The Referral Plan has currently arranged more than $10,000,000 to fund the DAISY new AI Development project. About 10 Crowdfunding Packs will be introduced, prices starting from $100, These are the pack which has been provided to choose from. Every contributor will get an equal and fair share of5% of the EndoTech stock wherein about 50% to 70% of their pack value will be used for live trading purposes.


Unique Features Of DAISY TRX

  • DAISY TRX tends to provide a passive income via the Artificial Intelligence Trading System.
  • It is a Decentralized Smart Contract that will operate via blockchain through an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Business Strategy.
  • Will Keep a proper track record for trades carried out for banks, hedge funds, and institutional investors.
  • It has also adopted TRX and USDT tokenized blockchains.
  • Lastly, it also has a strong profile management system.